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After a few years of delays, we are happy to announce the Music To Make Your Ears Hurt FORE - 35th Anniversary LP is finally under way and we expect to have it ready by summer 2022 (which is actually our 38th anniversary but who's counting...) This record will have something for everyone to enjoy, like unreleased material by legacy artists The Cedar St Sluts, Algae Afterbirth, Boorish Boot and others, as well as the current kings of scum-rock WMFO, metal lords Emmersed, the first family of cowpunk Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, sonic terrorist MC Trachiotomy, and up coming artists like Bruno & The Outrageous Methods Of Presentation, The Plane Crash, The Muscles and more! Of course no Black & Blue Records compilation would be complete without at least one appearance by GG Allin (a previously unreleased live track) and a 1980 classic by GG Allin & The Jabbers! The LP will feature songs NOT found on the 3 CD set - which will have a TON of excellent material for you to marinate your brains in! Stay tunes for info!

We are actively seeking NEW BANDS & ARTISTS for our digital relaunch! If you have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of GG Allin, Bloody Mess, Algae Afterbirth, Blue Nouveaux, Northwinds or WMFO - please LET US KNOW!

We're looking for motivated & unique original bands and artists.

Black & Blue Records is one of the biggest independent labels of the 80s & 90s and one of the very few who has survived while all others dried up or sold out. 

There are some requirements: you must be motivated, have a following of more than a few pals and and be willing to share the duties of promoting yourself. The rest we will handle. 

If you have something unique to offer - SEND US A MESSAGE BY CLICKING HERE 

Include a photo or two, a song or two & details like Who - What - Where - When - Why (larger files - please use WeTransfer, a free service, and send to Admin@BlackAndBlueRecords.US)